We are the #1 source for drones in America.  We provide you with the latest drone technology from DJI at the lowest prices, we support you with our world class service and repair shop, and we train you from beginner to professional at the Drone Depot Flight School.
The Drone Depot is here to support your passion for flight every step of the way from beginner to a professional pilot, turning your love of flying into a profitable career!

Who We Are

We started off as drone enthusiasts just like you!  With over 2 decades of experience in the R/C hobby industry, we understand that getting into the multirotor hobby can be costly, confusing, and scary without the proper training.  Drone Depot provides you with the lowest prices, world class support, and pilot training to make you a safe and responsible pilot. 

The Drone Depot was started in Toronto by professional drone pilots to service Canada's professional drone pilots and drone enthusiasts.  After years of heavily using drones for heavy duty commercial purposes, we know which drones are up to the challenges our customers require.  

Unlike most drone companies that do not care about your drone investments, we support you throughout the life time of your aerial vehicle with regular servicing and repairs.  Don't be worried about not having a working drone for your next flight, we'll fix your drone and provide you with a rental if your drone is still in the shop.

With our extensive experience flying commercially in Canada, we are able to train drone pilots to be ready for commercial flight and inform them of the Special Flight Operation Certificate approval process with Transport Canada.

Check out some of our drone videos:

Graduated Learning: Our Two Shop System

Entry-Level Shop

Our Entry-Level Shop is for first time drone buyers who only want to see drones that they can safely fly within their skill range and won't break the bank.    This is why you can confidently shop in the Entry-Level Shop and not end up with a drone that is way beyond your piloting abilities or your budget.

Our Entry-Level drones are affordable, lightweight, and have advanced flight controllers that use GPS-hold to ensure your drone hovers in one spot when you release the controls, and flies back your take-off point at the flick of a switch.

When you package our entry-level drones with our beginner training program, you'll have everything you need to enjoy your new passion.  When you are ready, our Pro Shop is ready with expert-level drones and the option to turn your love of flying into a profession with our commercial drone pilot training.  Yes that's right your love of flying can pay for itself!

Pro Shop

Whether you are a commercial drone pilot or expert enthusiast, our Pro Shop drones are the most advanced professional aerial platforms on the market and built tough for heavy commercial use.  Our Pro Shop drones are custom built to satisfy the needs of each industry, and our Drone Depot consultants will make sure your aerial system satisfies all your project requirements.

Just like any vehicle, a drone must be serviced and regular maintenance is required by Transport Canada.  The Drone Depot service and repair center will keep your drone flying reliably for years making your investment last.

Pro Shop Rentals

Our Pro Shop drones are also available for rent on a per-project basis if you need to outsource your drone needs.  We provide a fully insured drone with a customized payload for your project, along with a fully trained and experienced pilot.  We will also assist you with obtaining a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada (required for all commercial drone flights)